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Seagraves Isd - Seagraves, Texas - Public School District

Phone - 806-387-2035
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Seagraves Isd School District

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Seagraves Isd Reviews

from: S. Parents | submitted: Feb 11, 2010
Some of the "Professionals" at this district are people who need their ego's boosted. They yell at the students and humiliate them so they "the Professionals" will feel good about themselves. Instead of making discipline consistent throughout the district. If there is a student that is disliked by the faculty they will pick and find any reason to get them in trouble. Instead of worrying about TAKS scores this district is busy spending money on material things that will not benefit the students in any way. If parents care about their childs education they will look elsewhere.

from: People O Seagraves | submitted: Feb 04, 2010
I agree, there is a problem with this District.

from: Parents D Care | submitted: Jan 26, 2010
Seagraves ISD is currently one of the worst districts around. I recommend parents to compare it to local school districts before deciding to enroll their children in any Seagraves school. The district is being managed poorly by the administration. There is no consistency in discipline and absolutley no communication between the schools and the community. Seagraves ISD is not improving in academics and has lost its winning tradition.

Seagraves Isd School District Data
County of Location: Gaines
Number of Schools in This District: 4
Student/Teacher ratio: 9.3
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 595
Total Males: 285
Total Females: 310
American Indian Students: 7
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 0
African Americans: 58
Hispanic: 393
White: 137
Total Staff: 138
Fulltime Teachers: 64
Ungraded Teachers: 6
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 4
Kindergarten Teachers: 3
Elementary Teachers: 23
Secondary Teachers: 28
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 1
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 1
Total Guidance Counselors: 2
LEA Administrators: 2
School Administrators: 7
LEA Admin Support Staff: 0
School Admin Support Staff: 3
Student Support Services Staff: 1
Other Support Staff: 29
Library Media Support Staff:
Librarians Media Specialists: 1
Instructional Aides - Total: 29
Instructional Coordinators: 0

Seagraves Isd School District Headquarters Map